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Importance of Sealcoating Over Asphalt Pavements for Oxidation Resistance

Importance of Sealcoating Over Asphalt Pavements for Oxidation Resistance

Asphalt-made surfaces look good and offer a lot of utility too. However, they are susceptible to deterioration due to various reasons, particularly oxidation. The result of all this is a significant reduction in the operating life of any asphalt surface.

To protect an asphalt surface from the deteriorating effects of oxidation, sealcoating is a cost-effective measure to take up. By having a driveway, pavement or a parking lot protected with sealcoating in Southwest Florida, one can maintain the pavements as well as extend the utility of the asphalt surface for a long time.

There are certain features of sealcoating which makes it important and beneficial for asphalt-covered surfaces in the face of oxidation.

Sealcoating Slows Down the Oxidation Process

Sun shines most of the year in Venice and our surrounding areas and asphalt surfaces directly bear the brunt of scorching sunshine. Sunlight doesn’t just carry heat, it also has invisible UV rays, and both of them actively deteriorate tarmacs.

Moreover, presence of air and sun also instigates the process of oxidation. When asphalt is spread over a surface, a binder is used to adhere the mix of gravel and coal tar to get a consistent texture. Oxidation deteriorates this binder which consequently results in a loose meshwork of the asphalt aggregates.

With weather conditions and traffic, these aggregates start to come out of the surface resulting in an uneven surface which completely defeats the purpose of getting asphalt covering in the first place.

The cracks and holes appear due to oxidation literally paves the way for water to seep inside the surface which only results in further deterioration. Sealcoating from an experienced asphalt sealing company such as ourselves can address this issue.

One must keep in mind that sealcoating can’t stop the process of oxidization. However, a good professional asphalt sealer can render the service of sealcoating, which dramatically slows down the process of oxidation.

Pro tip: Get your newly-constructed asphalt pavement sealcoated within 12 months of instillation. Right after the construction, an asphalt pavement is loaded with oils that need oxidizing reactions for neutralization to make the surface harder. So, oxidization for a couple of months after the construction is important. However, don’t leave it too long and hire Asphalt Sealers to get your pavement protected through sealcoating from the damages of oxidation.

Get in touch with us if you want to protect any of asphalt pavements in Southeast Florida through our tried and tested protective layer of sealcoating.  – Asphalt Sealers, Inc



Asphalt Conference 2017

Asphalt Sealers Florida | 4th Year attending the National Paving Conference

Asphalt Sealers Florida | 4th Year Update

Learning best practices from all over the United States – 4th Year in a row attending the National Pavement Conference

The surprise was that after 4 years in a row there was still so much to be gained. From 40 year veteran contractors to manufactures of the latest products it was definitely very worthwhile traveling to Nashville this year and not just because of the great music! Learning best practices from the world of asphalt from all over the United States really was that good!

And those best practices range from the hands on business of paving, sealcoating, striping, layout, preparation work and asphalt repair to the bespoke functions required to run a business successfully. Perhaps my personal favourite sessions are the roundtable discussions. It really is a very unique opportunity to pick the brains of fellow professionals who range form keen new contractors with other industry experience to veteran contractors with 30-40 years plus of experience. There is also a huge benefit in listening to professionals from outside of the local area.

Learning and improving. Every year there have been small little improvements that we have been able to incorporate in to our everyday operations. An impressive element to the conference is the way that the seminars and workshops are presented. The leaders in there respective fields are all keen to help fellow professionals to become the future industry leaders. And the message is clear – if you go to the National Expo on a regular basis – then you are one of the contractors that wants to set themselves apart from the rest – by embracing the notion of improvement through continual learning and embracing the newest products and best practices available.

The mix of great educational sessions, seeing the latest technology and innovations and of course meeting back up with old friends made it hugely beneficial. The other surprise was that there weren’t very many other contractors from SW Florida attending. This is definitely their loss and Asphalt Sealers clients gain!

Asphalt Sealers Inc Florida, honors the Orlando shooting victims

Straight Line Southern

The tragedy of the Orlando nightclub shootings has been dominating the news this week. 49 men and women lost their lives to this senseless attack.

Those in Orlando and around the country grieve for those lost with memorials and acts of love. A vigil was set up along the roundabout outside the nightclub where the shooting occurred. The nightclub’s property management company wanted to ensure the safety of those grieving and make the vigil a safe and comforting place. They reached out to Straight Line Southern, a striping company based in Orlando, for help.

Mark Letourneau took it upon himself to create a stunning visual around the vigil that would hopefully inspire love and not hate.

Letourneau, a 30 year striping veteran who is a partner in Straight Line Southern and Asphalt Sealers, spent 9 hours getting this just right, laying approximately 15 gallons paint.

The markings had 17 sides and 6 colors for a total of 102 individual sections. The sections represent the 102 victims (49 dead, 53 injured)

“It just feels good to do something,” Letourneau says of his work.

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Asphalt Sealers Englewood & ‘Comedy for a Cause’

Asphalt Sealers Englewood  & Comedy for a Cause

Asphalt Sealers Englewood, has had a busy season completing numerous jobs in all our local areas of Englewood, Venice, Sarasota, North Port, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and Arcadia. We’ve also travelled to Fort Myers, Tampa, Dade City and Orlando.

But like all busy business owners we like to take some time for a little fun and we had the opportunity to mix business and pleasure while supporting a great cause. In September we sponsored ‘Comedy for a Cause’ a night of improv and laughter that raised funds to benefit the Charlotte Players and the many programs it provides. The 3rd Annual Improvisational Event held at the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center was cast with some of the top community business leaders from Southwest Florida. Asphalt Sealers, INC. are always delighted to support worthwhile charitable events and we really enjoyed the social aspect of meeting with our fellow business leaders from the local area. We believe community engagement is really important and the more we give the more we get back.

Asphalt Sealers Englewood
Asphalt Sealers sponsors local ‘Comedy for a Cause’


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